Naked Ashton Kutcher gets bound and whipped

August 8th, 2016 by J

Even before Ashton Kutcher met then wife, Demi Moore, he was already a huge fan of the actress and he fantasizes about her every single day. He was young then but he already knew that he is into these gorgeous sexy women, who he’d pick any day over some whiny teenage brat. Kutcher has always been experimenting with adult stuff and he even had his mom’s lover play his master in this leaked sex tape, just so he would learn how to get hardcore when the time comes that he will meet Moore in person and sweep her off her feet.

Ashton Kutcher gets whipped while naked

He did this quite successfully and he has this hardcore BDSM experience to thank for. He has learned to make his dick hard without touching it and just having dirty thoughts in his head. A few whipping did him good, yes, and this only made him want to go rough more when the time came he has to apply the ecstasy he felt while being humiliated in the nude and getting bound and whipped on his hard cock and bare chest. Sounds painful but Kutcher has been so hardcore to eventually win the heart of an older experienced woman in Moore.

Ashton Kutcher in naughty bareback sex

April 4th, 2016 by J

More than anything, when you see or hear the name Ashton Kutcher, it always follows this vivid image in our mind about his then marriage to actress Demi Moore, who could pass for his own mother age-wise. It was a shocker for all the people in Hollywood but it seemed to be more than just a petty admiration for the hot and sultry cougar as their union lasted for almost 9 years. Aside from being Demi’s boy toy, Ashton’s career is as eventful and exciting as his life with an older woman keeping him busy under the sheets every single night. With his good looks and hot built, Ashton got into modelling even before he became an actor. He was a mainstay of the sitcom That ’70s Show which aired for 8 seasons. After his divorced from Demi Moore was finalized, Ashton hooked up with former co-star, Mila Kunis, on the same show, got married and had a baby girl. But let us go back to when Ashton was this blooming heartthrob, still new to exploring himself in every single aspect. As a teen, he is already this adventurous eye-catching lad who is full of fantasies inside his pretty head.

Wild teen Ashton Kutcher giving hot head and riding guy pal’s stiff cock

Luckily for us, we wouldn’t have to bash our heads in to understand what I’m referring to and I got this leaked video to keep you all calm, for now, because I am talking about hottie Ashton going wild with another teen boy friend inside his bedroom. He is your unconventional ladies’ man, who is actually men’s men too, so it seems. And he friggin’ started this young. Having a taste of someone else’s cock makes him blush and makes his dick stiff even if he knows in his heart that he is straight and into girls. But because of these raging hormones and the excitement building up inside him that is a strong feeling of wanting to try riding a boner on his tight ass, as what he’s been watching on porn flicks, it made him restless until such time that he gets to record himself giving head and enjoying anal sex with another horny dude. Now we shouldn’t have to be so shocked after all when he fell for Demi, right? He will do as he please and he will try anything at least once in his life.

Ashton Kutcher’s Hot And Sexy Photos

September 21st, 2010 by LimaBean
hot ashton kutcher naked
Here are some of the earliest semi-nude photos of Ashton Kutcher available at the site. This is a mixed set of pictures taken from his early work posing almost nude for an underwear ad intended for magazine publication. He looks really young and really hot in the pictures; his ripped and sexy body coupled with his innocent face is enough to drive the viewer wild with desire.
hot ashton kutcher underwear
His natural hot looks are apparent as he playfully poses outdoors with some of the other male underwear models. Very muscular despite his young age, his finely toned biceps and chiseled pecs again captivate the looker’s eyes. They are well toned firmly yet soft-looking at the same time and his well defined six-packs are a fitting addition to the whole package. He looks very young in the photographs but you can see that his body is already mature and fully-developed. Overall, these are some of the sexiest photos he’s ever done. Enjoy looking at Ashton Kutcher’s sexy photos when he was a younger, if not hotter, stud. If you want more of his images, just check out this gallery of Ashton Kutcher sexy photos.
hot ashton kutcher chest

More Ashton Kutcher Topless Pics

April 22nd, 2010 by LimaBean

You thought I was through with posting pics of our favorite boytoy and his yummy topless body on this blog?  Well, think again, because I’ve got even more photos of Ashton Kutcher baring his body for the camera, and I’m getting all wet just looking at them!

The first one has Ashton Kutcher in what I assume is a Calvin Klein ad, because she’s wearing those tidy whities splashed with his logo on them!  His body is nice and muscular in this photo, and I can spend hours tracing the way the shadow fall on his body, all the way to his bulging… briefs!

The next photo has Ashton lifting up his black shirt to show off his body, which is in even better shape than the former pic.  It’s totally ripped in that pic, with defined abs that can cut butter!  It’s the best shape I’ve seen him in and I really pleasure myself looking at this pic all day!

Then we’ve got the last pic, which is more of the real Ashton.  It’s a paparazzi pic that was taken at the beach somewhere and in it we have Ashton (still with the nice tight abs) in black board shorts.  Now this is an Ashton picture you can keep by your bedside, because it shows how real he is, and how hot!  Good thing it doesn’t have Demi in it, lol!  Make sure to make it a habit to check out this sexy site about Ashton Kutcher for the latest Ashton sightings, because that’s where I found these luscious photos!

Some safe for work glamour shots of Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher

August 2nd, 2008 by LimaBean

Here are some hot photos of Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher.  Don’t worry; this set is safe to check out even if you’re at work.  These pictures show no nudity at all; they merely reflect the natural beauty of this gorgeous male celebrity.  Ashton is so dreamy and I must say that Demi must feel really lucky to have bagged this funny and sexy hunk.  I know there are a lot of Ashton haters out there and I must admit that he does look like an idiot sometimes.  But that is beside the point in this post.  And I doubt it if you hate this guy because you’re still reading this.  The point is, Ashton Kutcher is one of the hottest male celebrities out there and you can just look at the pictures I posted below to justify that statement.  Click on the thumbs to get the full versions of the pics.  If you’re hungry for more naked Ashton Kutcher pics and vids, then follow this link – Ashton Kutcher Naked – to get your fill of this gorgeous Hollywood celebrity.

Ashton Kutcher in bed and in his underwear

August 2nd, 2008 by LimaBean

This picture must be a sight that Demi gets to enjoy every night.  Ashton is featured in this photo hamming it up and playing around in his bed with just a hat and his tighty-whities on.  Check out his amazing body, sculpted and well-toned by years of going to the gym.  Ashton knows that he’s hot, and he knows that he’s got the stuff that makes women weak in the knees.  That’s why he unashamedly flaunts his physique in this picture.  Check out a hot, almost naked Ashton Kutcher picture in high-quality by clicking on the thumbnail below.

If you want more of Ashton’s naked pictures, then just visit this site,, and get ready to spend hours browsing through tons of his sexy pictures and videos that are all available at the site.

Ashton Kutcher bares his well-toned body in this pictorial

August 2nd, 2008 by LimaBean

Looking at these pictures, one just can’t help but wonder how an older woman, even though she’s beautiful and glamorous, manages to hook a hunk like Ashton Kutcher?  But then again, they say that like wine, women taste better when they age.  Add to that the experience and knowledge that goes with her age, it’s not that unlikely for a woman to bag a man young enough to be her own son.  This is the case with Ashton and Demi Moore.  I’m left speechless imagining the awesome sex these two must have to keep their relationship intact.  I mean, of course, there are lots of other factors to keep a relationship healthy.  But I believe that sex is right there on top of that list.  With a bombshell like Demi and a hunk like Ashton, it wouldn’t be right if all they did after the kids are asleep is talk.  Now if you’re a fan of Ashton and not Demi, then enjoy looking at these half-naked pictures of Ashton Kutcher.  Click the thumbs below to get the full-sized versions of these hot photos.  If you want more, then simply click this link to get naked pictures and videos of this Hollywood stud.